President Čubrilović met the delegation of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

19.05.2017 - 12:00

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović talked on Friday with a delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for European Security and Cooperation (OSCE) led by Roberto Battelli, the vice president of the Parliamentary Assembly and Special Representative for South East Europe, Andreas Notel, Special Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE and the meeting was attended by Dmitry Jordanidi, chief of the Banja Luka OSCE office.

During the meeting they discussed the political, security and economic situation in the Republic of Srpska, the Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region and the preparation of the report of the representative of the OSCE on the situation and the progress made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

President Čubrilović pointed out that it is necessary that the political leaders in the Republic of Srpska and at the level of joint bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina make further efforts to strengthen confidence and achieve consensus on the adoption of reform laws to which they are committed to by accepting the European integration agenda.

Čubrilović has pointed out that one of the expressed examples of mistrust and obstruction in the fulfillment of the international obligations of the recent blocking enactment of the law on excise duties in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina even though it is a contractual obligation under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank, and it made impossible the continuation arrangement with the International monetary Fund.

" Non-functioning of the common authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina reflects the personal relations and mistrust among political leaders, and it will have negative consequences for the economy, development and standard of living of citizens" - said president Čubrilović, adding that such a situation threatens the security and stability and European integration path.

President of the National Assembly pointed to the fact that the election law allows political corruption and trading with the mandates which complicates progress and exhausts and citizens and political subjects which every second year participate in the electoral process. He stressed that these problems can be solved by integrating general and local elections and by defining  the mandate in order that it belongs to a political party, not to the individual.