Delegation of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina in the two days visit to the National Assembly: Concrete joint projects of two parliamentary services agreed

04.04.2019 - 12:45

Delegation of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, headed by Dmitar Stanisic, the president of the Parliamentary group of friendship between Assembly of AP Vojvodina and National Assembly met with the representatives of the service of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska on the continuation of cooperation and the work on joint projects in accordance with the Memorandum on cooperation of parliamentary services, signed at the end of 2017.

Both delegations expressed their pleasure considering the earlier cooperation which gave results immediately in the area of improving the work of services and also in exchanging experiences with the aim of efficiency improving.

 It was also agreed to realise the cooperation between parliamentary groups and working bodies of both parliaments.

Nebojsa Zgonjanin, Secretary General of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, expressed his pleasure with the dinamics of cooperation of two parliaments and especialy emphasized the need of exchanging experiences and when talking about legislative solutions on efficiency of parliamentary and service's work.

Both Secretary generals agreed on preserving the number of employed within services which coresponds the real needs, and to continue with professional and efficient work of the services and avoiding every aspect of its politicization.

The visit of the delegation of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina continues tomorrow when the meeting with the president of the National Assembly is scheduled.

At the end of the visit the press conference will be held.