President Čubrilović: The BiH judiciary through political judgments and amnesty of crimes against Serbs tries to determine the character of war in accordance with Bosniak politics

15.05.2019 - 10:45

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović, on the occasion of marking the 27th anniversary of the attack on the JNA Tuzla soldiers, stated that it was embarrassing and devastating that the responsible for the crime of innocent young men who withdrew peacefully from the city were not adjudicated despite numerous material evidence and testimonies of witnesses about organized and planned attack.

He recalled that young JNA soldiers were attacked and tortured in a peaceful retreat from Tuzla in accordance with a previously reached agreement.

"It is sad that even after 27 years of this crime, no one has been adjudicated yet, as is the case with the attack on the JNA column in retreat in Dobrovoljačka Street in Sarajevo. The BiH judiciary refusing to prosecute those responsible for war crimes committed at the very beginning of the civil war in BiH persists on the idea that it attempts to determine the nature of the war in BiH by political judgments and amnesty for those responsible for the first war crimes, and mark the Serbian people as the sole and greatest culprit for war terrors and that, in accordance with current Bosniak politics, it is presented as an aggressor in its own country, "said President Čubrilović.

He stressed that, despite ignoring and systematically denying war crimes against Serbs in the course of the civil war in BiH, the Republic of Srpska, its people and institutions will persist in the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, in order to persuade all those responsible to be punished.

"Republika Srpska, its institutions and authorities will never give up on establishing the truth and attacks on innocent JNA soldiers in Tuzla and Sarajevo, as well as from prosecuting those responsible for war crimes against the Serb people in BiH, especially bearing in mind the fact war crimes cannot be outdated" said President Čubrilović.