National Assembly Service on a workshop concerning the creation of assembly procedures

15.11.2019 - 12:15

On the second day of the workshop entitled: Financial managing and control”, the National Assembly Service representatives were presented with procedures of general type which are being implemented in the Assembly of AP Vojvodina This workshop was represented by Service employees of AP Vojvodina  under support of OSCE to BiH

During the workshop which is being held in the OSCE Office in Banja Luka colleagues from AP Vojvodina represented the phases of implementation of the financial management and control which Assembly of AP Vojvodina applies in its work.

The instructions about evidences, protocol presents, as well as special instructions about the creation of assembly web pages.

After that a concrete exercise was conducted related to procedures in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly Dubravko Jorgic, Secretary General Assistants and Head of Sections participeted in the workshop.

Workshop "Financial Management and Control" continued successful cooperation between the two Parliaments in accordance with the Memorandum on the Work of the Official Assembly of the AP of Vojvodina and the Service of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska and the Joint Work Plan for 2019.