Work program of parliament for 2017, the new Rules of Procedure and the Draft code of conduct of deputies were adopted

30.03.2017 - 15:30

In the first part of the 17th Regular Session of the National Assembly deputies adopted the Program of Work of the National Assembly for 2017.

Three amendments were adopted, proposed by the parliamentary committees, and which provide the adoption of another law - the law on protection of victims of war torture, and to adopt another strategy - a strategy to combat corruption in 2013 - 2017 and another information - information on the security situation in the Republic of Srpska.

The Decision on amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska and Draft code of conduct of Deputies were also adopted.

The new Rules provide that the quorum necessary for the work of the National Assembly, it is necessary that the session is attended by one third, or 28 of the total number of deputies, while the voting takes presemnce of more than one half of the total number of delegates.

Under the new Rules, the Collegium of the National Assembly consists of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Assembly and the chairmans of caucuses.

The amendment on the introduction of the telephone meeting of the Presidency of the National Assembly was also adopted,  due to the possible inability of the Presidency in terms of which they could not predict.

Delegates have accepted the amendment of Caucus SDS-SRS RS which stipulates that the President in the case of temporary inability shall be replaced by one of the vice-presidents appointed by him.

The President is obliged to decide on the election of the Vice-President who replaces him, stored in the vault of the National Assembly in an envelope to be loose in the ocassion when the President is unable to pass authorization.   

The Draft code of conduct of deputies shall be determined by the rules of ethics and standards of conduct of deputies in exercising their rights and performing duties.

According to the draft Code of deputy should by their behavior to protect the reputation and dignity of the National Assembly, to regularly attend sessions of the National Assembly and its working groups.

Minor and serious violations of the Code were defined,  as well as measures that may be imposed for the failure to comply with, and the Ethics Committee which will be responsible for implementing and monitoring the application of the Code.

The aim of the Code is the preservation, affirmation and promotion of the reputation and dignity of a deputy and strengthening public confidence in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

Deputies did not accept the proposal of the Declaration on the Protection of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and accelerated path towards the EU, as the strategic objectives of the Republic of Srpska - the proposal of MP Vukota Govedarica.

The National Assembly acknowledged the Report of the Prosecutor's Offices of the RS in 2016.

The Bill amending the Law on animal - mediacal means and the Draft Law on amendments to the Law on waters, were adopted, which is send in the public debate for 60 days.