President Čubrilović visited the construction of the HPP "Bočac 2"

25.10.2017 - 14:15

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović visited the construction place of the Hydroelectric Power Plant "Bočac dva".
President Čubrilović said that the construction of Hydroelectric Power Plant "Bočac dva" is a profitable project because his annual profit will be 5.5 million KM.

"This is a completely cost-effective facility that will benefit not only for" Hydroelectric Power Plants on Vrbas ", but also for local communities in this area, as well as for the municipality of Krupa on Vrbasu," President Čubrilović told reporters after he, with the director of " Hydroelectric power plant on Vrbas "Nedeljko Kesić visited the construction place of the hydroelectric power plant" Bočac two ".

Čubrilović said that this facility means life, new jobs, something that drives total energy in Srpska. "I hope that we will have similar projects in the future," said Čubrilović.
He expressed the hope that the Subsidiary of "Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu" will get the approval of the Government of Srpska for a new concession on the Vrbas River and that in the next summer, the hydroelectric power plant "Bočac two" will be put into operation, and that by that time a construction permit will be provided for new hydroelectric power plant.

He stressed that by constructing such facilities 80% of domestic workers are employed, providing the cheapest price of electricity in the former SFRY, assessing that this by itself attracts new investments.

"Such an approach gives hope, not only to the population of this region, but also to the Republic of Srpska," said Čubrilović.
The director of "Vrbas Hydroelectric Power Plant" Nedeljko Kesić told reporters that the deadline for completing the construction of the hydroelectric power plant "Bočac two" is in August next year, recalling that the Government of Srpska in 2014 awarded a concession for the construction of this facility to "Hydroelectric Power Plants on Vrbas".

"The policy of the Government and EPS is the construction of new facilities, cheap production and supply of domestic electricity and the production of electricity for additional exports," Kesić pointed out.
He said that Hidroelektrana Bočac two "has two aggregates of five megawatts, a yield of 46 gigawat which means that its payback is six and a half years.
Kesić said that Hydroelectric Power Plant Bočac two "finances 80% of its own funds" Hydroelectric Power Plant on Vrbas ", and 20% a loan of 10 million KM for the completion of this facility.
He said that in the further development plans of the "EPS" and the construction of hydroelectric power plant Krupa na Vrbas, it is necessary to obtain a concession from the Government of Republic of Srpska.

After the visit of the HPP Bočac 2 construction site, President Čubrilović and Kesić visited HE "Bočac", where they were informed by the competent services about the operation of this hydro power plant.