President Čubrilović talked with the leadership of the municipality of Modriča

11.10.2017 - 15:15

The Municipality of Modriča has the support of the Government and the institutions of the Republic of Srpska in the implementation of projects important for this local community and Srpska, said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović in Modriča.

After the meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality, Mladen Krekić, and the President of the Municipal Assembly Siniša Nikić, President Čubrilović told reporters that it is necessary to complete the project Corridor "Pet ce", which is important for Srpska, as well as for Modriča, whose future development projects fit into this infrastructure project.

This local community has a full scope of the Government and institutions of Srpska that will jointly perform with international investors in order to, as soon as possible, realize some important issues in Modriča," said Čubrilović.

He noted that these were projects related to the work of local institutions and the improvement of the real sector.
Krekić said that he informed Čubrilović about the situation in the municipality and the work of the local parliament, which works well.

He stressed that at the meeting, attended by the SNSD deputy in the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska from Modriča, Bojan Vidić, there were also words about the municipal budget.
"The municipal budget is still well-being and the local government regularly complies with its obligations towards budget users," Krekić said.