President Čubrilović opened chess tournament "checkmate prejudices"

18.03.2017 - 11:00

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srрska Nedeljko Čubrilović today in the parliament of the Republic of Srpska opened chess tournament called "Festival of Friendship –checkmate prejudices" which was attended by 120 players from the region, from the youngest category to veterans.

Then the president Čubrilović played a promotional game with a grandmaster Darja Kapš from Slovenia, which has supported their participation this chess event, which is organized by the Chess Club "Knight" for the third time, held in the National Assembly.

President Čubrilović pointed out that the aim of this event promoting chess and strengthening of friendship and tolerance, and like the name itself says the tournament " checkmate prejudice."

"We want to promote chess in Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska. This is an extraordinary event that motivates young people to play chess. Nice to see the youngest participants and chess veterans together to play this beautiful game that strengthens their character and their personality, "said Čubrilović.

He pointed out that it supports all efforts chess fans made in Banja Luka in order to return the Republic of Srpska on the world chess scene and that our chess players participate in international competitions of the highest rang.
“World-class chess players came to our town in the past, why not in the future," said Čubrilović.
Darja Kapš noted that she will always with pleasure respond to this kind of chess tournaments that bring people from the region and promote tolerance.

"I'm glad to see these young people and their older colleagues how play chess together - checkmate prejudice. This is a very nice promotion of Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska, "she said.
President of the School of Chess "Jumper" Branko Tomić says that the tournament players came from 16 municipalities in Srpska, from several towns of the Federation of BiH, as well as guests from Croatia and Slovenia.