President Čubrilović meets the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

27.09.2017 - 14:30

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilović, in his cabinet, talked with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petar Ivantsov (Peter Antoljevič Ivancov) about the current political situation and successfully accomplished cooperation with St. Petersburg.

President Čubrilović said that the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, as the highest legislative authority, represents a direct expression of the will of the people, which was expressed in democratic elections.

"The National Assembly also showed at the previous session, whose maintenance tried to prevent a part of the opposition deputies, that it works efficiently in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, the law and within its constitutional competencies, and in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of Srpska", said President Nedeljko Čubrilović.

He emphasized that the National Assembly, in accordance with the Constitution and positive legal regulations, makes legitimate and legal decisions with the aim of creating a more favorable environment for faster economic development and progress on the path toward European integration.

President Čubrilović expressed the view that it is necessary to focus more on political power on improving the standard of living in Republic of Srpska, because this is of interest of all citizens and of the Republic of Srpska.

During the meeting with Russian Ambassador Ivancov, President Čubrilović pointed out a positive example of establishing and strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation with the Legislative Assembly of Sankt Peterburg, as well as successfully achieved cooperation in the field of science, culture and education between the Republic of Srpska and the region of St. Petersburg.