Full-day debate on the Report on RTRS, Voting day on Thursday at 10.30 am

14.12.2016 - 23:30

During the second day of the 15th regular Session after the end of the debate on the Report on the institutions of the Republic of Srpska cooperation with the International Criminal Court for war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia, based in The Hague for the period 1.1. - 31.12.2015. the MPs, most of the working day was spent on discussing the Report on the Radio-Television of the Republic of Srpska in 2015 and the Work Plan for 2016.

Director General of the Radio-Television of the Republic of Srpska  Draško Milinović said by submitting the Report on the RTRS, that RTRS is the most watched TV station in the Republic of Srpska with an average audience share of 16.88 percent.
Explaining the Report of RTRS on operations for 2015 and Work Plan for 2016, Milinović said that RTRS broadcasts a total of 8 760 hours of programming, of which 4 472 hours, or 51 percent of the program's own production, and 4 288 hours of programming of foreign production.
Milinović said that RTRS launched a new programme, RTRS plus, enabling detailed reporting from the sessions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

The report was followed by a full-day discussion of MPs.

In his speech, President of the National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović said that he decided to talk because the founder of the public RTRS service is the Republic, respectively, the National Assembly, and as it is prescribed by the Law on RTRS in paragraph 2 of Article 4, which states: '' the rights and obligations towards the Republic of Srpska  broadcasting will be done by the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, in accordance with this Law and the Law on Public broadcasting system in BiH“.

"So it is our duty to follow the work of RTRS so that we could be informed on time about certain activities and that we have the opportunity to react in certain situations. Bearing this report and work plan for 2016, which is an integral part of this report, I prepared a short view of the situation. I think that RTV does not need a lawyer who attacks it nor a lawyer who defends it, because it is an institution which we see as an institution of special importance for the Republic of Srpska, and for this National Assembly," said President of the National Assembly.

He said at the outset that the Report on the operations of RTRS for 2015 submitted to the National Assembly for consideration is full of useless statistics from which one can not see anything special, especially to conclude.
"So they have some common phrases that do not talk about business, explaining the role, operation and functioning of the individual segments within the system. Also, the Report is needlessly burdened with photographic illustrations, and it seems like an picture book and not a serious report of one such important institution . A report on the work of RTRS plus is given on half a page, with the statistical data, without analysis of its quality and justification for launching the program. I'll try not to say anything about editorial policy, because I believe that the editorial policy should really be independent, "said President of the National Assembly.

"We can not be satisfied with the fact that no other two public broadcasters are in good position and have problems. Here there is still a problem, namely claims between public service broadcasters and I ask directors to inform us about the amount of such claims. We need to take care of the public service and the National Assembly should demonstrate a serious approach in seeking solutions for such public service to work without difficulties. I would not comment the editorial policy, it is a matter of the media company," concluded the President.

MPs then considered final Report on the implementation and evaluation of the Action plan for the advancement of women in rural areas in the Republic of Srpska, Proposal of decission on approval on the Zoning plan for special purpose "Ada" in shortened procedure, Proposal of decission on approval for indebiting of RS-Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau, Frankfurt am Main (KfW), under a project of building windmill "Hrgud".

Voting Day is on Thursday at 10.30.