Čubrilović: Support for the construction of industrial zones in Bijeljina

11.10.2017 - 12:00

The President of the Parliament of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović visited the city of Bijeljina, where he met the Major Mićo Mićić and the chairman of the Local Parliament Slaviša Marković.

The President of Parliament said that Bijeljina has entire support of the Government and himself as the Preident of the Parliament when it comes to returning to work of industrial zones, which are ready for new investitors.

After the meeting Čubrilović stressed tha the city of Bjeljina is one of the most imoptant places in the Republic of Srpska and that it represents the hub very near to Serbia, Croatia and not so far away fro the BiH Federation boarder.

We had the chance to closely look at regulation plans, first off all, industrial zones, ready for new investitors, for which Mayor Mićić has the full support of the Government.

President Čubrilović said that investing in real sector is the only good base for a better life on this area, for young people to find a perspective and to inprove the life in Bijeljina and Republic of Srpska by their own work.

The President of the National Assembly of Srpska emphasized that investing in the development of the real sector is one of the most important issues, because the real sector is that gives a good basis for a better life in this region, for young people to find their perspective, and to contribute to further development with their work the city of Bijeljina and Republic of Srpska.

"Good communication, good infrastructure is a guarantee for a good business in this area," said Čubrilović, who invited all investors to get acquainted with this plan and to come to the talks in the Government of Srpska and the city of Bijeljina to get all the necessary logistics for business start.

Mayor of Bijeljina Mićo Mićić pointed out that the topics and problems discussed with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska not only apply to the city of Bijeljina, but to the whole Srpska.
Mićić said that apart from the industrial zones they talked about the rehabilitation and protection of the city from floods.

Road infrastructure, above all, a network of roads and highways, says Mićić, is something that the city of Bijeljina fully supports.