Čubrilović: The provocative initiative of SDA which represents disintegration of BiH Constitution and of the Dayton Peace Agreement

23.01.2019 - 15:45

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović stated today that the indication of the Party of Democratic Action, that they will via its reperesentatives in mutual BiH institutions take the legal procedure concerning the name of the Republic of Srpska, is provocative and reperesents disintegration of the BiH Constotution and the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Allegations like those that the name of the Republic of Srpska is used to discriminate and exclude two other constitutional people are obnoxious and ridiculous because they are asserted by those who do not implement the Constitutional Court decision for 12 years, concerning the constitutionality of the Serbian people in the Federation of BiH, said President Čubrilović.

He stressed that the decision about the name of the Republic of Srpska was made in Dayton in 1995 and that by signing the International peace agreement all ther sides involved agreed with the internal constitution, the name Republic of Srpska which is verified like that in the Constitution of BiH which is the constituent part of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Making movements like this by questioning the name of the Republic of Srpska could mean disintegration of the BiH Constitution and after that nobody knows how the situation would result. The Serbian people obtained the legal frame for the Republic of Srpska and will never give up. The name the Republic of Srpska was accepted by the National Assembly on its sitting on September 14th, 1995 in Bijeljina and it was verified by actors of the Dayton Peace Agreement and nobody except its citizens has the right to make decisions concerning this question, said the President of the National Assembly.

He added that by putting this initiative on the Agenda of the Constitutional Court of BiH would be a clear sign that the project called Bosnia and Herzegovina does not exist anymore, because its Constitution, its basic document, would be subverted and the coexistence of the two entities would not exist anymore.  

Concerning all this those who initiate the subversion of the compromising Constitution of BiH and the Dayton Peace Agreement, bear all possible consequences of that radical and irresponsible policy, concluded Čubrilović.